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Working Remotely and Keeping Your Culture Alive + Q & A

COVID-19 has forced most of us to transition to a remote work environment. Now that we're working from home, it's not just as simple as asking your team to operate as they would in the office. There are legitimate concerns about employee productivity, enthusiasm and engagement. Company culture still matters even when your team is no longer face-to-face on a regular basis.

Our CEO Shael Risman, hosted a webinar on "Working Remotely & Keeping your Culture Alive​" on Tuesday, April 21st at 12pm EST. Whether you're a business owner, supervisor or team leader, he shared helpful tips and content like:


Here's What We Covered:

  • Explaining the “why” of what you do in this crisis.
  • Empowering your teams with decision making.
  • Transparency, Accountability & Honesty.
  • Encouraging innovation and risk taking.
  • Creative ways to connect with your team.