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NEW Microsoft Teams Features For Fall 2021

Join Michael Sugrue, President of PACE Technical as we dive into all of the latest and greatest features from Microsoft Teams for a more productive and seamless work day!

Here's What You'll Learn:

- An overview of Microsoft Teams
- Microsoft Teams Recap
- Outline of The New Features
- Demo of the features we use at PACE
- Q & A

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Client Success: Elevate Your Business By Transforming Your Client Experience

A successful Client Success team works to understand the customer’s needs, expectations, and what success means to them, and uses this information to create and implement processes internally that will add value to the product or service. Client Success does not wait for problems to happen, they anticipate potential issues and fix them before they affect your experience. Watch our webinar to gain insight on how to help make your customers achieve their desired outcomes through their experience with you.

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Cyber Risk Hell Fire: Don’t Let Your Business Go Down in Flames

This session discussed distinguishing an excellent cyber policy from one that leaves you and your business vulnerable. Reviewed ransomware data pulled from more than 1,500 cyber incident response and forensic cases. And discovered how cyber insurance is evolving to handle the dumpster fire caused by ransomware and other cyber-criminal activity.

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Best Practices to Improve Your Social Media Presence, Email Marketing And Content Creation Strategy

We're discussing all-things Marketing essentials with our Marketing Coordinator, Mary-Ellen Duncan. Companies will get to see how PACE manages some of our marketing initiatives such as Social Media, Email Marketing and Content Creation. 

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Simplifying Cybersecurity: The Cyber Essentials Every Business Needs in 2021 

As Cyber threats continue to grow and evolve, so have the tools and processes to keep businesses protected. As businesses try to keep up with the changes, things can get complicated. So during this webinar we will help to simplify the approach to cybersecurity management and also give attendees a resource to help them understand the essential cybersecurity elements they should have implemented in their business. 

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Strategies For Keeping Your Team Productive In A Remote World

Remote work is increasingly becoming the norm for employees across many industries. In this webinar, we looked at the best ways to measure employee performance, and how to ensure your employees are just as effective from their homes as they are from the office. 

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Creating Your 2021 Business Plan

Business Planning can be daunting for business leaders to find the time and resources to help with the process. PACE has come up with a set of guidelines and best practices that we use for our own annual business planning and want to share it with you. 

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Critical Cyber Threats From 2020 That Every Business Leader Should Know About

You would probably recognize some of these notorious scams from this year. We covered critical cyber threats in 2020 that companies were attacked with or targeted by cyber-criminals. 


NEW Microsoft Teams, Tools & Features For Better, Faster Remote Team Collaboration

Our President, Michael Sugrue hosted this webinar on the NEW Microsoft Teams Features that are making our work week more productive and convenient. We covered Microsoft Teams Cybersecurity​ Threats, NEW & Coming Soon Microsoft Teams Features​ and Apps we use in Microsoft Teams.


Mental Health Practices Every Business Can Replicate For a Healthy Corporate Culture

Our CEO, Shael Risman has been a long-time CAMH supporter and speaker on corporate culture and mental health. If you are a business leader looking to promote mental health practices within your own organization, if you manage a team, or if you want to learn how to encourage a more inclusive and healthy professional space, then watch the entire recording.

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Critical Cybersecurity Controls Every Business Needs + Q & A

Cybersecurity controls are essential to gauge your current security stance against a set of global standards and best practices, and also to help determine the right security tools to use. This is the only way to know if your business is truly secure.  We've come up with a set of controls that every small business should have in place and want to share our process with you.

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Client Retention: In a COVID-19 World + Q & A

PACE Technical retained 99% of clients and maintained over 99% Client Satisfaction during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Find out about our successful client retention strategy, and how to ensure that your clients value you even more during and after a crisis than they did before.

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Moving To The Cloud + Q & A

Given the current pandemic, many businesses have now transitioned to a remote working environment for some or all of their staff. The topic of Cloud Services is of great relevance regarding how we currently run our businesses and how we'll run them in the future.

Moving To The Cloud

I.T. Emergency Preparedness For Your Business + Q & A

Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness is on every business owner's mind. COVID-19 has shed an important light on the benefits of Continuity Planning, and how it can help to navigate through the implications of any disaster.

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Working Remotely and Keeping Your Culture Alive + Q & A

COVID-19 has forced most of us to transition to a remote work environment. Now that we're working from home, it's not just as simple as asking your team to operate as they would in the office. There are legitimate concerns about employee productivity, enthusiasm and engagement. Company culture still matters even when your team is no longer face-to-face on a regular basis.

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Microsoft Teams, COVID-19 IT Issues + Q & A

COVID-19 has presented us with many business challenges including working remotely and trying to keep up staff communication, collaboration and productivity in a remote environment. 

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COVID-19 Cybersecurity Threats Training + Q & A

COVID-19 has presented us with many business challenges including the increase in cyber-criminal activity and phishing threats. PACE is here for you, and as part of our efforts to help our business community

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We manage all the IT heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on building your business. 

  • No more IT headaches caused from blind spots and areas of unknowns.
  • A clear, systematic, and process driven approach to managing your IT.
  • Protect your business, prevent cyber risks and exposure to threats. 
  • Safeguard your business reputation.  
  • No more wasted IT dollars with effective budgeting and strategy planning.